•  Population 5,005,400 millions
  • GDP $303.6 billion
  • Official Languages:  English
  • Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Official Languages: English

 The City of Sydney is the local government area covering the Sydney central business district and surrounding inner city suburbs of the greater metropolitan area of Sydney, New south wale, Austria.

Why Study in Sydney?

 Often confused as the nation’s capital, Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia with a population of 4 million. The city boasts an eclectic gathering of diverse people from over 180 different nations who speak over 140 languages. Sydney’s diversity has become one of the city’s strengths as the people have a solid reputation for their hospitality and friendly, easy ways. This is not to say that lounging on the beach all day is all that the aspiring student can hope to accomplish. Sydney also operates as a financial and commercial center not only for the eastern states but for Australia as a whole. The economy reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Sydney’s residents.

Sydney provides a rich environment for study, in part thanks to the contrasts students can find there. The city’s vibrant history can be seen in a variety of ways including a number of attractions and tours of such early public buildings as the Parliament House and Sydney Hospital. Sydney demonstrates its flair for high culture with world-renowned offerings such as the famous Opera House. At the same time, the city knows how to turn that flair toward the less cultured, a fact testified to by the city’s expansive nightlife. Sydney is in some ways the mother of all Australia’s cities. Students who choose to study there can be sure they will find the charming combination of a laid-back yet inspirational place to study, learn and live.

Cost of Studying & Living in the Sydney

 Before you begin studying in Sydney you will have to look at tuition and the living costs for your stay. Tuition fees per year range from $11,580 to $20,090. And if you are obtaining your Ph.D. in clinical psychology in the top psychology schools in the country, the tuition cost can range anywhere from $7,000 to more than $40,000 annually. The costs can vary depending on where you are studying.

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