About Us

              Campus Australia is the official website for students interested in the Australia education system. Campus Australia focuses on the education field as a pathway for students who wish to further their education to one of the top Universities in Australia. We offer a free of charge consultation service from the choice of university, financial matters, and tips on how to settle life abroad by our fully experienced team. Our mission is to help preparing Cambodian students to enhance their skills and abilities in order to get into their dream universities in Australia. As part of our service, we work hard to help individuals reach their fulfillment and satisfaction whilst in exchange we aim to become the best service provider who represents Australia Institutions. We are looking for not just self-achievement but together to bring our society into a well educated and developed place. Our work with universities in Australia, advisors, counsellors and consultants centers on promoting and supporting quality, professionalism and integrity. We also provide the information about preparation course for students who in need of extra education support. Join Campus of Australia and become a part of our community on Facebook.