Hello!! My name is Deth Vanvirath and I am writing this letter to my counselor and her name is Mrs. Cheang Sreyneang. She consulted me for my plan to study abroad in Australia. Through all the procession, I would like to thank her for her hardworking and the way she always reaches out for a student. I am really appreciated with her helpful helping hand like she recommended a good school to me, suggested accommodation and processed all the documents. She is a very friendly person who advises me not only about educational things but all the things that I concerned with. In addition, she also a caring counselor like when I have some problems or misunderstand about something, she always told me to approach her whenever I have problems and told me don’t feel any hesitate with it. Moreover, I would like to say thank you to her for all the hard work and best advice.

To conclude, if anyone dreams to study abroad, I would like to recommend them to go and consult at Campus UK where it provides a good service and a friendly counselor.

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