Tep Socheata, Deakin College, and Deakin University

Applying for a student visa can be more complicated for most international students to proceed each procedure by themselves which also happens to me too. Fortunately, I have found Campus Australia by chance on my Facebook’s newsfeed. So I made an appointment with Campus Australia team and she gave me lots of useful and detailed information related to the university and course that I am going to intake in March 2017. Moreover, Sister Neang, Sister Vanlida and everybody who work there are very helpful, kind and friendly. Besides this, Campus Australia team assisted me with health check requirement, prepared visa applications for both my dad and me etc. What I like the most about Campus Australia is their best service, Responsible and Professional. Oh there still one more thing left, I know it seems unbelievable to another students who haven’t known Campus Australian yet. There is a free charge of money for a visa application preparation service and consultation. Finally I would say that without Sister Neang, Sister Vanlida, and Campus Australia team, I cannot complete this task easily and accomplish my dream. I am so grateful for all of your time and efforts.