Sok Rumnea to Trinity College-University of Melbourne
Deciding which college to go plays an important role in achieving your goals because it is
the first step you take towards your future career. However, it is not always the easiest
decisions as being a senior in high school was already hectic enough for me.
Campus Australia introduced me to many great colleges and universities in Australia.
Through them, I became more knowledgeable about what major should I go for and which
college is the best choice for me.
With all the help from friendly staffs in Campus Australia, I got accepted into Trinity college
in Melbourne, Australia. They helped me with everything from counseling, sending
applications to applying for visa.
I am really grateful from all the help I have received. Above that, I believe Campus
Australia will undoubtedly and delightedly lend a helping hand to many more students who desperately need them and are in the same positions as I was.