VONG Vileap: Deakin College, and Deakin University

Now I’m studying at Deakin University campus Burword in Melbourne. First of all, I would like to thank to The Campus Australia organization in Cambodia that helped me with a lot of things to get the visa from Australia and get an admission to study in this country. Before i decided to study at Deakin University, Campus Australia provided me a lot of information or university in Melbourne; such as Monash University, University of Melbourne, Le Trobe University and Deakin University. After that, they give me the information or location of each University and explain about the history, environment, transportation and how safety in Australia. Then, the organization started to help me with document what should i prepared to get oversea student’s visa from embassy and also check health. Moreover, they helped us with the very strict document that I can’t do it without them. It is interesting that I meet with a lot of great stuff and friendly peoples. There is no charging money with this processing from the first day I meet them.