LY Veng: University of New South Wales

On July 2015, I went to Campus Australia and asked them about the plan to study at Australia. Firstly, she told me to prepare to take IELTS and deposited money to my bank account. After I took IELTS test, I had to write a purpose statement, and prepared some documents such as my passport, photo, residence booklet, bank statement, my undergraduate certificate and transcript. Then, sister helped me apply the school at Sydney that I would like to apply. Secondly, I had to wait about a month to receive the letter of admission from school, then I could pay the school’s fee. Thirdly, I had to wait the school sent me COE statement, meanwhile I could transact the Record Clearance Letter.  Lastly, after I received COE statement, I could apply the visa, and checked health. It was about two weeks I could get my visa from Australian embassy. I am very grateful to sister that has been help me.

Thank you,