KLAUTH Sipchhun: University Of Technology Sydney

Evaluation paragraph

          Going to studying in Australia is a goal that I have dreamed to archive. However, I never know how I could reach this goal besides having a required level of English knowledge. I had my IELTS test on 28th February, 2015, and I got the required band score to apply for a course in the school in Australia. At that time, I had no idea who could help me to reach my goal until one day when I go to pick up my hard-copy result. I met Ms. CHEANG SreyNeang who completely a stranger to me but eventually the one who could help me to approach my goal.

           Ms. SreyNeang is a very helpful agent I have never met in my life. From the first start of the application until I got the visa, she never complains even a word when she has to stay late just to wait for my result from the school. In addition, she kept chasing the school for my acceptance everyday as I didn’t have much time left.  Besides being helpful, Ms. SreyNeang is also a good advisor to me. She never failed to advise me for what should and shouldn’t do. I was once advised that I choose what I like but not what I want, and eventually I chose to me an engineer. On top of those points, Ms. SreyNeang is a very friendly person. She never put on mad face but smiled every time we met. I am very grateful for what she has done to help me get the visa.

        Overall, I would recommend my friends who have a dream like me to visit Campus Australia and call for help from Ms. SreyNeang as she will guide them through everything in order to get the visa just like she did for me.